Meet the mysterious masterminds behind The Mystery Puzzle!


Want to know what goes into building an escape room? Our experts tell all! From their favourite rooms to tips and tricks that could help you escape faster, we want you to get to know our team members.

Introducing Luke! He is The Mystery Puzzle Manager and Software Engineer. Luke runs all the operations at The Mystery Puzzle from hosting to assembling puzzles, he wears many hats that keep the escape room up to scratch. His experience in software and IT play a significant role in his ability to keep the puzzles tricky and fun, but it’s his world record titles that make him a gaming genius! Among a group of friends, Luke shares the leading top 5 scores in games such as Heroic Dungeons and Rift. We visited The Mystery Puzzle HQ and got to sit down with Luke and pick his brain about his work, puzzles and more:

  • How did your journey at The Mystery Puzzle begin?

I began working for The Mystery Puzzle (TMP) in December remotely, until I came to Australia from New Zealand to physically begin working here and running operations.


  • What are your roles and responsibilities?

It varies day to day, but generally you can find me hosting games, making puzzles, purchasing equipment, printing signage, conducting sales calls and consulting with clients.


  • What is your favourite part about working at The Mystery Puzzle?

The fact that I have a variety of jobs means I’m never bored. The balance of the theoretical and physical aspects is great and it’s always interesting meeting all the new groups that come in.


  • For those who don’t know what TMP escape room is, how would you explain it?

I lock you in a room, and you and your teammates have to go through a multitude of clues and codes to try and escape. That’s it!


  • Which was the first room you set up?

The Outdoor Adventure room


  • What were the biggest difficulties/challenges your faced?

A lot of it came down to time frames, but otherwise breakages, attendees tampering and breaking parts of the puzzle and having to deal with temporary repairs.


  • What is your favourite room? Why?

Outdoor adventure because it has the best theme and because I worked on it ha-ha


  • What’s comes to mind when you think of your best memory at The Mystery Puzzle?

I wouldn’t say it’s the best memory, but one that doesn’t seem to fade is the corporate group that came through that got so competitive it broke out in a physical fight between two female colleagues.


  • Favourite puzzle?

Simple Simon because it’s probably the most thought provoking, whilst also being fairly enjoyable


  • How long do you think it would take you to escape?

The Pirate room and Bank Robbery room would probably take me 2 minutes but The Outdoor Adventure would take me about 10 minutes.


  • What inspired the new Outdoor Adventure room?

It was always going to have an outdoor theme that was initially going to be named the jungle room, but with our first piece of equipment being a Chinese box, we thought it would also have a cultural Chinese element, but in the end, we felt that outdoor adventure summed up the content of the room the best.


  • Any tips for future escapees?

Fighting doesn’t make you escape any faster! And most importantly, if you have to be forceful you’re most likely doing the puzzle wrong.


  • What’s next for TMP?

At the moment, we’re focusing on The Outdoor Adventure room, but we will soon look at creating another room with a new theme.


  • Being that this is a tell all, what else do you have to tell?

Walkie talkies are unreliable, other than that I would say that public groups are probably my least favourite to group to host. They’re harder to place and more likely to break things, friends and couples are ok, it’s more the locals that are annoying.

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