Cheesy team building activities and why they’re ineffective

Team Work Activity

Team building activities are a great way for work colleagues to interact and build relationships that make the everyday work environments more enjoyable and productive. Though, some workplaces need to re-evaluate what kind of team building activities they are implementing and what their purpose is. This seems to be the case in many workplaces, so we have identified the most common and cheesy activities that you should stop right away.

  • Trust falls

Probably the original team building activity that has faded and for good reason. The number of people reported to have been dropped by a fellow colleague are undetermined, though we can imagine the number is steep. First of all, this is extremely dangerous and second of all, one must remember that the physical trust does not always translate to emotional trust.


  • Icebreakers

The team building activity that no one looks forward to because no matter how much time you’re given to prepare, your “interesting fact about yourself” will never be as good as the guy who met Matt Damon or the girl who has been around the world twice. It is the most cringe worthy activity that everyone prays will be over ASAP.


  • Back knot stand up activity

Similar to trust falls, however, this one is a lot less stressful and a LOT less dangerous. With the action of intertwining a pair of colleague’s arms behind their back, the pair are supposed to support each other equally in hopes that their strength will equal and they rise together using only their weight pressed against each other. Unfortunately, the activity description sounds a lot more effective than the result.


  • Dramatic re-enactments

Acting out a scene can be both humiliating and frustrating due to many factors. One being the fact that everyone will dread the performance due to their poor acting skills and another being the painful fear of performing.


  • Blind drawing

A very controversial activity to implement as people’s lack of vision and skill can lead to some less than flattering portraits of their colleagues. Fingers crossed this doesn’t lead to any bad blood in the office.


  • Guess who

Though this is probably the most fun of all activities mentioned, it is also the most useless team building experience. There is no element to the game that promotes unity, teamwork or trust, it is merely a form of entertainment. You’re not going to get any productivity out of your employees with this one.

  • Workplace juice cleanse

It’s extremely common for a workplace to commit to doing a month-long health plan or sugar cull but juice cleanses are probably the worst way to go about it. Rumbling stomachs, mass headaches and cranky attitudes are just a few painful side-effects you will endure when cleansing in the workplace. Our advice? Don’t do it.


The main objective of team building activities is to create long-term and positive relationships within the office. By avoiding these mind-numbingly boring activities, you will find the office a lot livelier and connected. Need a suggestion for an exciting team building activity? Check out The Mystery Puzzle escape rooms here:

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