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Before you lock yourself away with your colleagues, you might want to consider whether you are willing to be stuck with them if you can’t get out. You would think the word teamwork goes without saying in the workplace, but certain personalities can prevent that, especially when it comes to the one thing that’s harder than the day to day tasks of the office and that’s an escape room.

It’s all about team effort and using everybody’s strengths (and weaknesses) to help you escape. So, we’ve identified the top 9 personalities to watch out for when faced with the challenge of doing an escape room with colleagues.

  • The boss

At The Mystery Puzzle, we find the boss is generally the most fun! He’s always interacting with others, making cheeky remarks here and there and more often than not letting others take his place in the driver’s seat.

Pros: He’s down to have a laugh and assist where needed.

Cons: He’s your boss… so watch your back!


  • The lazy person

Disinterested from the get go, the lazy person is not going to be anyone’s favourite player.

Pros: Your go to personality to team up with if you’re a control freak

Cons: They’re going to put in 20% effort… if that


  • The attention seeker

Prepare yourself for overreactions, loud noises and eye roll worthy commentary. Whether or not they’re the attention seeker in the office, they’re not useful in an escape room. They are more concerned with people watching them rather than fulfilling their tasks.

Pros: No one will pay attention if they misread a clue.

Cons: No one will pay attention to them.


  • The control freak

Often the person you want to avoid because you will be micromanaged and scrutinised with the level of fun going from a 10 to a 3. Avoid this personality by briefing the team prior to the game or bite your tongue to show good sportsmanship and gain brownie points with the boss.

Pros: They will have a winner’s vision.

Cons: They will most likely look past the fun aspect of the day.


  • The quitter

Early warning sign: As soon as they read the clue they give up. This will lead to them falling back in the group, missing information and being useless overall. The quitter will not be able to make it out on their own, let alone lead the pack. They will act busy and watch the timer, counting the minutes until the host lets you out because you have failed.

Pros: They won’t be in your way.

Cons: They won’t help you at all.


  • The team player

Probably the most sought after personality both in the office and escape room. This person is the well-rounded team member who will put in the necessary effort, have a laugh and make the most of the team building experience.

Pros: You’ll have a laugh and most likely form a friendship.

Cons: They will probably make you look bad because you are one of the other personalities.


  • The non-team player

Most likely already hated in the workplace, and probably won’t even attend the team building experience.

Pros: You may not have to deal with them seeing as they are unlikely to attend.

Cons: If they do attend, you’re going to have to do double the work.


  • The over-committed colleague

This person is going to take everything seriously. This is who you want hire because they will give 110%, though they’re not the person you want to work with because they will draw attention to the fact that you don’t.

Pros: Will most likely pull some of your weight so you don’t have to do too much work.

Cons: Won’t make you look too good.


  • The gossip

They’re going to be focused on the social interactions of the day rather than the game. Do not get tied into their mischievous ways because it may cost you more than an innocent day at The Mystery Puzzle.

Pros: You may find out whose husband was seen flirting with Sarah in accounting.

Cons: You may be forced to spill your deepest, darkest secrets because you need topics to discuss when you’re stuck waiting to be let out because you have failed to escape.


Written by Monica Wojnarowska


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