BEST Escape Room in Sydney


Seriously! Are you the players who love and hate this escape room? If yes, you must be at the the best ESCAPE Room in town with the name The Mystery Puzzle in Sydney.

Playing at an escape room and solving puzzles that are unique and….and FUN!

The Mystery Puzzle is designed to spark your imagination and give you that “A-Ha” moment you need solving their unique puzzles.

The Puzzles are made after a lot of careful discussion and research to keep up the SURPRISE element ALIVE.

So what you waiting for? Are you up for a CHALLENGE?

Let us GET Started Right NOW!

Bring your corporate team to involve them in tasks that can only be completed if several people work together. The players here need to exercise team-building skills and communicate effectively. Our Escape rooms are best suited for corporate groups looking for exercises that lead to team-building. Do you know that communication is used in 58% of the escape rooms throughout the world?

The Mystery Puzzle is a Dream Come TRUE!

It is the most thrilling escape rooms in Sydney with adrenalin pumping activities. These activities are a transformational and a huge motivation to players to work towards a common goal.

A perfect getaway for a rainy day in Sydney – the answer is “The Mystery Puzzle Escape Room.”

The Mystery Puzzle is divided in three escape rooms as follows:

  1. The Lost Pirate Souls

You may think that you will have a relaxing evening, instead you find yourself right in the midst of action all dressed up as a Pirate with that black eye patch and kohl in your eyes. Your power of deduction and presence of mind will be put to test as you help yourself and your team mates to escape while firing away at enemy pirates aboard a Pirate ship. This carefully-crafted escape gives you and your team members just 60 minutes to get “Caught”, “Find Clues” and “Beat The Clock” to Escape.


It is a real-life escape room and you will stop yourself from staring at the marvel of looking at the innovative manner in which it is designed, as the time is not on your side. Experience this once in a lifetime thrill of being caught and look for clues and finally seek Treasure that too without being CAUGHT!

  1. The Great Bank Robbery


You will be entrenched in a mesmerizing setting as you enter the Crime Scene where the culprits are on the run after The Great Bank Robbery. The bank has been robbed of its treasure and unimaginable wealth seized by the CCTV footage of the three main dangerous suspects Deb, Mani and Mei. Are there more suspects? Is someone from the bank a part of this conspiracy? The cops are chasing the crooks.

Do you have the guts and the skills to make this chase a successful once in a lifetime escape to talk about? To escape you and your pals or team members will have to help the cops find the stolen money. No one knows who you are. So it is easy for you to help the police on the run.


Get ready for a high octane drama of chase and escape where all the detective skills hidden in the inner recess of your minds come to foreplay. Will you be the winning team to close the case and be announced the winner? It takes a keen eye and a very clever brain to trace the culprits and find the way through this peculiar real like experience.

RUN! Catch the Culprits before they ESCAPE!

  1. The Outdoor Adventure

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city life to The Mystery Puzzle latest Outdoor Adventure Escape Room. This escape room is most popular for corporate activities where employees shed their inhibitions and plunge in some real time jungle adventure. Explore one of the most scenic rooms that we have to go on a journey that makes you go the jungle path and camp amidst nature.

Edge of the seat adventure with solving clues as you face the fierce natural elements, ducking and dodging your way, facing danger head on, listening to eerie jungle noises, groping in the dark… it is adventure at its wildest form.


Not designed for the weak-hearted, this Outdoor Adventure is a hot rage with the youth and the dare devils. Jump in the fun with a minimum of six players for an experience of a LIFE TIME!


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