The switch off: How to go from work mode to home mode


No matter what your area of expertise, everyone at some point or another will find themselves thinking about work when they’re not at work. Whether it’s a simple “Oh I have to remember that for tomorrow” or the painstaking notion of knowing what kind of working day you’re in for the next day, it’s hard to completely switch off from work.

If you find yourself constantly consumed by the thought of the daily grind then here are some ways you can leave those thoughts at your desk and be able to switch off when you get home.

  • Have something that indicates you signing off from the working day

Whether it’s taking off your work wear or flicking on the TV, having a symbol that represents your detachment from the working day is useful and something you can look forward to every day.

  • Make time for friends

Even if you have a great social atmosphere in the workplace, it is still a workplace and majority of the time that’s what the topic of conversation tends to lead to. If you make time for your friends and associate with people outside of the office, you will find that you will not be thinking about work.

  • Consider whether you have a work/life balance

Take a second to think about your week. What do you do when you come home? Do you think about what you’re going to eat for lunch tomorrow? Prepare work clothes for a quick dash to the bus stop? Granted these are practical tasks, but if you let it become a part of your work mentality, you won’t be able to switch off.

  • Don’t neglect your hobbies

Have a daily ritual? Just because you’ve had a hard day in the office doesn’t mean your hobbies have to take a back seat. Make sure you still find the time to do the things you love and if it’s physical activity that’s a bonus!

  • Implement some life into your work space

The work-life balance is hard to achieve, but necessary to feel like you have a sense of balance in your day. Having reminders of life outside work such as plants, picture frames and music are great ways to incorporate some vibrancy into your office and help ease into home mode.

Written by Monica Wojnarowska

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