Riddle me this: Can you solve these mysterious riddles?

Lock Wallpaper


1. Two girls ate dinner together. They both ordered iced-tea.

One girl drank them very fast and had finished five in the time it took the other to drink just one.

The girl who drank one died, while the other survived.

All of the drinks were poisoned.


How did the girl who drank the most survive?


2. Old man Sam lives alone in his flat. Because of his age, he cannot move comfortably so he has everything he needs delivered.

One Friday while delivering the mail, the postman feels something suspicious in the flat and tries to look inside through the key hole and he saw Sam’s body on floor in a pool of blood.

The police arrived at the scene of the crime. On the outside of the flat, he found two bottles of warm milk, Tuesdays paper, some unopened mail and some gifts.


Who was the murderer?


3. It was the first day of school when a young girl was found dead in the classroom. Police had identified four suspects.

The Dean claimed that he was in his office the whole day. The maths teacher claimed that she was marking midterm papers. The clerk claimed he was collecting the mail. The janitor claimed he was cleaning the toilet on the first floor.


Who was lying?


4. At the funeral, a girl met a boy whom she did not know. After being comforted by the boy, she developed feelings for him, but did not get a chance to ask for his number. She tried to find him, but failed. A few days later she kills her sister.


Why did she do that?


5. A man and a woman go on a date. After the date the woman shoots the man, drowns him and hangs him. The next night the same man and woman go on a date and they are both fine.


How is this possible?






  1. The poison was in the ice.
  2. The newspaper delivery man – because Wednesdays and Thursdays newspaper was missing.
  3. The maths teacher – she cannot be marking midterm papers on the first day of school.
  4. She hoped he would come to the funeral.
  5. The woman shoots a picture of him, drowns the picture to develop it and then hangs the picture on her wall.

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