Wellness tips for workaholics


We have all been a workaholic at one point or another in our working life, but for those of you who are long-term workaholics, you need to make sure you are still taking care of your health and well-being. Put yourself first and identify the areas that require your attention:

  • Beauty sleep

If expensive and time-consuming products are too much to worry about on a daily basis, then beauty sleep is the one thing you should aim to achieve. According to The National Sleep Foundation, ‘the recommended amount of sleep adults should be having is 7-9 hours’. This ensures you’re alert and ready to tackle the workday ahead of you.

  • Mindful menu

With even the average working person struggling to keep a balanced diet a priority, time constraints prove to be the most common factors that lead to unhealthy eating habits. Set aside a Sunday afternoon to ‘meal prep’ for the week ahead and keep the fridge stocked and ready to go. If you still can’t find the time for this, seek out delivery services that will take care of it for you!

  • Get moving

If you are truly a workaholic, then planting a treadmill in the office shouldn’t be an issue. If that’s not an option then consider lunch break runs or at the very least take phone calls outside and go for a walk. Everyone can use a breath of fresh air or fresh perspective.

  • Multitasking

Workaholics are experts at multitasking work responsibilities, if this sounds like you, then utilise your strengths and channel them into the work life balance in the office. Team bonding is a great way to recharge and take care of business. Whether it’s a team lunch, workplace trivia or team bonding activities like an escape room, these activities can lead to a more positive and productive environment.

All these sectors add to a balance that should be of higher priority than your job. Without these needs being met, it is unlikely that you’re performing your best both personally and professionally.


Written by Monica Wojnarowska

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