Rendezvous with mysterious puzzles at The Mystery Puzzle Escape Room

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Don your coolest detective gear and grab your pipe! It is time for a rendezvous with mysterious puzzles at The Mystery Puzzle Escape Room. You have a Choice of three escape room games to play and work together with your pals to run against time and bet the Clock Ticking!

So what are you waiting for – Get Outta There! Press Hit and Buy NOW!

There are escape rooms The Lost Pirates Souls ,The Great Bank Robbery and The Outdoor Adventure to choose from. People who come for one, always, almost come back to experience the second room. You are entering a zone of challenge with a whole lotta fun. It’s elementary!

The folks here are best in Sydney and the presenters are excellent in the manner in which they explain the rules, regulations and procedures of the game in detail. It is one of the highest rated escape rooms located in the heart of Sydney easily accessible on Bligh Street.

The games at The Mystery Puzzle are perfect for corporate team building – they are engaging and challenging at the same time. They offer a great team bonding experience with colleagues, family and friends. There is never a dull moment in the 60 minutes spent for each game.

A minimum of four people and maximum of 24 people can play per game. A 48 hour cancellation policy is applicable. Read more details on terms and conditions on our website home page.

The Lost Pirate Souls

Bringing out the amateur detective nerves trapped and almost lost in you – is the purpose The Lost Pirates Souls made especially for those who grew up watching “The Pirates of Caribbean” and always wanted to dress up like one. Yes! You actually get dressed up like pirates on a ship even before your detective skills are put to test in one of the most challenging rooms ever created.

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Enter the enemy zone and get caught in the journey atop a Pirate Ship. Experience once a nerve wracking session of firing at the enemy vessel on a dangerous trail of enemies. The team spirit is at a high when you charge with full force firing at enemy vessels in a real time situation. Every nook and corner brings up surprises where riddles have to solved and clues to be chased.

Did you finally manage to get caught or did you emerge the winner as you escape and are declared the Winner all in span of 60 minutes?

Climb on board to find out NOW!

The Great Bank Robbery

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The Bank of Monopoly has been robbed gruesomely! The CCTV footage shows you a glimpse of the three dangerous suspects Mei, Deb and Mani – who are on a wild run. You and your team members are assisting the Police in chasing the culprits. The stolen money has to be found and time is running out as there are only 60 minutes to do conduct this arduous man hunt. The smooth operators who looted the bank somehow know that you are on their trail and all your detective skills come in foreplay to chase the case that too in an hour!

Catch them quick before they ESCAPE!

The Outdoor Adventure 

Bring out the Bear Grylls from your inner hidden self and exchange the busy city life with this NEW Outdoor Adventure Escape Room – one of its kind in Sydney.

The room is one of the most scenic rooms we have, where the journey is more important than the destination. Wander through the jungles studded with gems of camping, unearthing clues, solving puzzles. Lovers of nature get thrilled with this adventure room while ducking and dodging all the wild wonders you encounter. There are a minimum of six players required to play the same in this Outdoor Adventure.

The time is just one hour and so much to see and so much more to discover. The teams often squeal in delight when they experience this unimaginable novel experience – corporate teams from all over especially come to this room as they prefer this escape room for a perfect getaway for tired brains sitting in corporate environments all week long.

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The Outdoor Adventure is perfect for the Bold and Adventurous – the weak nerved ones – stay Away from this one – this time!

Come let’s EXPLORE!

The Mystery Puzzle is open till late on both weekdays and weekend. So Hurry – we are filling up FAST. Book before the week is over!

The Mystery Puzzle is the perfect way to SPEND a RAINY Evening!

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