5 signs work is taking over your personal life

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It is not difficult for work to become all consuming, you spend more time there than you do at home, so it is only natural for work to spill into your personal life. However, when it starts to interfere with your personal life that’s where it begins to become a problem. This is where the term ‘work-life balance’ comes into play. The term is essential to live by if you want to maintain your out of work relationships and behaviours, so here are the things to watch out for:

  1. You find yourself talking, but not listening

It takes two to tango in a conversation, but if you find yourself constantly referring to work related subjects and not being able to concentrate or maintain a conversation with someone, it’s time to step back and listen up.

  1. You think about answering your emails before calling friends back

If you are in the workplace, yes emails are the first port of call, but if you’re out and about or at home turn on your out-of-office. This creates a boundary so that not only will people understand you’re no longer available, but you are actively switching off from the day.

  1. Your weekends are looking a lot less social

Take a look at your text message inbox, what is the context of your texts? Are people reaching out to make plans? If not, it is likely that people have begun to assume you’re busy and are not bothering you – so start reaching out and making plans!

  1. Working late has become more frequent than far between

If staying back at work is something that has become a natural regime, then you may have to ask yourself what you are sacrificing. Is it time with your family? Missing gym classes? Can’t make it to dinner with friends? It’s time to pare back those late nights and create some free time.

  1. You are eating out more than eating in

This can often mean one of two things – given the fact that a certain percentage of people prefer to eat out than cook, but for the majority this is a point of concern for workaholics. If you are using your lunch break to fit in a work meeting and find you are not appointing yourself the break you are entitled to, then make some time for yourself.

If any of these elements sound like you, then consider making your personal life a priority because the relationships and activities that you invest in within your personal life will help you achieve this ‘work-life balance’, which will ultimately benefit you in both your work and personal life.


Written by Monica Wojnarowska

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