Never experienced FUN at an Escape Room?

Escape Room Sydney

Never solved LIVE Puzzles and never found CLUES to CHASE Culprits!

Your WISH has just been fulfilled – Sydney’s TOP Escape Room for Team Building Events – The Mystery Puzzle – is here to transform you into a world of adventure and riddles and mystery all wrapped together.

Escape Room – concept is where a variety of puzzles are to be solved stationed or hidden in and around a room. This has to be done before your time runs out. Each escape room offers a different theme in order to stimulate you and your team’s senses. The activity is built around problem-solving skills.

Book your Room today and TEST your detective nerves to see if you and your team ESCAPE it in time! or get CAUGHT!

Our client list includes the top international corporates known all over the world just by their names. They are HSBC, DHL, Optus, Johnson + Johnson, Estpac, BBC Worldwide and Google to name a few.

Escape Room Compnaies

Welcome to the WORLD of most thrilling and exciting Escape Rooms in Sydney! The activity transforms and motivates players and teams by providing motivation to work productively. A large number of clients come to us when they do not know “what to do in Sydney?” with their corporate clients, visiting friends or families.

We at The Mystery Puzzle are the leading Escape Rooms that provide the top notch group and corporate activity available in Sydney. The players or members of the team come out after 60 minutes with life changing experiences during team building efforts. It also teaches how each individual is different to another and how to work together as a team with different personalities and yet have fun and challenges as you cross one hurdle after another.

Description of ESCAPE ROOMS at The Mystery Puzzle.

Each room has a different theme. Each room has a capacity of 12 members each. The first theme has two identical rooms to accommodate more members. Therefore a huge total number of 36 players can be accommodated at the same time. Read below more about the unique features of each escape room. Remember our rooms are constantly being innovated and updated with modern gadgets and features so that they remain unpredictable for players who want to come again for the fun.

There are two kinds of rooms to choose from.

  1. The Lost Pirates Souls
  2. The Great Bank Robbery
Bank Robbery

The Great Bank Robbery Theme Escape Room

The Lost Pirate Souls: This escape room is one of its kind in Sydney with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 members allowed at one point of time. There are two identical rooms of the same kind to make equal competition between bigger teams.

Your extraordinary journey starts even before the game begins as you dress up like a Pirate with the hats and scars looking very much the Pirate on the RUN. You are atop an enemy pirate ship – frantically firing at the enemy vessels with gusto – enjoying the adrenalin pumping joy of the pirate adventure. There are riddles to be solved and hidden surprises to be unearthed. The clock is ticking as you have mere 60 minutes from start to finish. Time flies once you get into the Pirate world.

This room is recommended for mature players and also suitable for larger number of players in the group as there are two rooms. The smaller groups or the newbie’s are recommended to try The Great Bank Robbery first.

Lost Pirates Souls

Room of The Lost Pirates Souls

The Great Bank Robbery: As you enter the Escape Room of The Great Bank Robbery you learn that the Bank of Monopoly has been robbed of huge amounts of CASH. You are shown a CCTV footage of the culprits or suspects namely Mei, Deb and Mani. These fierce and dangerous robbers are on the run.

You have your team members or pals to help you chase the culprits with the assistance you need to provide the police about any clues or leads of the robbers. Your detective skills and thinking out of the box helps your team chase the culprits in the nick of time with the clock showing that 60 minutes were just about to be over.

Catch the Robbers before they ESCAPE with the CASH!

In case of any queries please feel free to contact our ever ready customer care support to answer your FAQ’s :

The Mystery Puzzle is located in Sydney CBD. We are on the corner of Bligh and Hunter Street. Our address is Level 1, 37 Bligh Street Sydney, NSW 2000. If you need any assistance please call on 02 9994 8221 and we are here to help you.




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