Are you searching for an unusual place and idea for your team building activity this week?

Are you a big corporate house looking out for something out of the league for your team morale?

Or you have a ‘not so big office’, but still want your teams to perform in sync with each other?

And in addition to team building activity, you are looking out for some place which is not that far into the wild and also some activity which doesn’t eat much of your and your team’s precious time, that is, something which is time-saving and after which you doesn’t feel guilty of wasting so much of your time, or after which you don’t have to miss your next important meeting and after which you still have enough time for your mock presentation?

In and all, a place with the team building fun activity which is tailor-made for your needs and requirements… hmmm … now you must be thinking is there really a place like this in Sydney?! … If yes, where is it and what’s its name? … The answer is – Yeah mate! There is a place like this, and it is probably in your neighborhood! It is called – The Mystery Puzzle.

Team building fun activities in Sydney

Team building fun activity

The Mystery Puzzle is located at the heart of Sydney CBD, and might be at a walking distance from your office! Isn’t it great… you save your travel time and money! Wink! This place has the best escape rooms of Sydney, specially designed for team building activities. This is also most popular amongst office and corporate teams, as well as tourists. Many people visit here for its distinctively designed themed escape rooms with trickiest puzzles of town. The Mystery Puzzle has the largest life size puzzle rooms of Sydney, which not only strengthens the team bond and inculcates team spirit, but also freshens mind and body. The whole activity roams around the timely solution to all the puzzles and escaping from the puzzle rooms within the given time, as the visitors will be locked inside the escape room. Yeah … you read it right mate … Locked! This is the thrilling activity for your teams which make them work in sync, bring out the hidden leader in them and solidifies the bond they share.

Room escape games in sydney

Room Escape Game

The Mystery Puzzle has three escape rooms with two themes, namely – “The Lost Pirate Soul” and “The Great Bank Robbery”. Both are intriguing and interesting to solve. They allow a minimum of two persons and a maximum of twelve people in each of their escape room. Hence a hefty total of thirty-six people can be there inside in three escape rooms of The Mystery Puzzle. So you can bring on the big team of your office… let them compete against each other… have a healthy competition… it’s fun! Interestingly, it’s only The Mystery Puzzle which have two exactly same escape rooms out of the total three escape rooms they have. It’s only for the purpose of two teams to compete against each other and see who escapes first. This is how this place is different in many ways than others.

team building indoor activities in sydney

Team building indoor activity

Once the visiting teams choose which escape room they will enter, they are given theme matching costumes to add on to the zing of the whole thrilling experience. The moment they step inside the escape room, it feels like a whole different world, same as the theme. The whole architecture of the escape rooms here is so artistic and imaginative that it feels like a real place. One instantly gets the feel of the whole scenario but soon realize that they are locked inside and have to escape it within 60 minutes of time. And all that is in between you and the escape door are the trickiest puzzles of town. Solve all the puzzles, riddles and codes within 60 minutes and be an escapist.

Best escape rooms in sydney

Best Escape Room in Sydney

The cheat to escape all the fiddliest puzzles, riddles and codes of town, within time is very simple, just work as a team, when you are working on them. When the individuals inside the puzzle room work in conjunction with each other, as a team, they save time and hence escapes within time. Hence, here comes the team building theme of The Mystery Puzzle. All the puzzles here are uniquely developed, so that they can be solved in time, only when all the individuals inside a puzzle room works as a team. Isn’t it mind boggling … to know that all the puzzles here are specially designed for the sole purpose of team building activity!

Corporate team building sydney

Team Building at Mystery Puzzle

The Mystery Puzzle is not just for team building, the whole realistic scenario inside these escape rooms here, also inculcates a feeling of being in a team subconsciously as well, it somehow strengthens the bond people share, brings them to a level where they understand each other more than they ever had.

So what are you waiting for, plan your next team activity with The Mystery Puzzle at Sydney CBD and witness building of a dream team in real. Here people either become the Escapist or they come back next time with higher motivation for all the challenges… Dare to be an Escapist!


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